Kitchens are the heart of today’s homes, especially right now with Covid and families staying home more, so you want your kitchen to look its best. The kitchen is also the workhorse of the home, so it should be designed to suit multiple functions. From floor design to statement backsplashes get inspiration for adding the latest design trends to your cooking space. While following trends may feel like a fleeting pursuit, when it comes to kitchen design, they often outlast their time in the spotlight. The top four things in your kitchen to help make your kitchen your dream kitchen are countertops, cabinets, backsplashes and flooring. Here are some ideas that I hope will help you.


Quartz – This stone is non-porous, so it doesn’t easily stain or etch. The only maintenance needed is cleaning it regularly. If you have a busy kitchen tis is the countertop for you.


Granite – This is very durable, so it is very difficult to scratch. Many granite countertops require annual sealing, otherwise it is very easy to care for. Granite has a very high heat resistance and doesn’t crack or chip easily. If the stone is sealed properly and a spill is cleaned up quickly it won’t stain. This is also a good choice for a busy kitchen and low maintenance, you just need to keep up with the annual sealing.


Laminate – This is very inexpensive and easy to install. Thanks to newer printing technology this look is much better than you probably remember. Stains and heat don’t damage most laminates, but make sure to use a cutting board if your choice these countertops. If you don’t you could permanently damage your countertops.



Open shelving – All though these kinds of shelves look great and are very trendy right now they might not work for all kitchens. If you don’t have all perfectly matched dinnerware and drinkware to display in the cabinets then they might not be very eye appealing. While it may take some time to get use to not having your closed cabinets, open shelves have their benefits. It will introduce a lot of light and airiness to the kitchen, making it seem bigger. This is great for smaller kitchens. Open shelves also make it easier to find what you’re looking for, no more opening every cabinet in the kitchen looking for that one bowl or glass you need. Although you have to make sure to put everything back just right. You can also add some décor to the cabinets to help them look more interesting or eye catching.


Shaker cabinets – These cabinets are probably the cabinets most people are familiar with. They have a more modern and sleeker look then the traditional square raised cabinet doors they use to use years ago. Shaker cabinets are very universal and can go in most kitchens. If you want a trendy look that will stand to test of time, this is the cabinet for your kitchen. Shaker cabinets come in multiple colors and woods to fit in all kitchens.


Traditional cabinets – These kinds of cabinets can sometimes get out dated, but can be updated with a few simple changes. You can change out the hardware and put on some new modern knobs or handles to give them a new look. Or you can change the color and give your kitchen a whole new vibe and modern look.



Large subway tiles – One of the hottest trends in backsplashes today are subway tiles. They are offered in many colors to go with any kitchen, but the newest trend is tile that are larger than the traditional size of 3×6. This will still give you that clean and timeless look with a bigger wow factor. These tiles are although trendy now are also timeless and will look great for future kitchen remodels.


Pattered tiles – One of top trends in kitchens are patterned backsplashes. Patterned tiles in the kitchen give you an interesting focal point in the kitchen. And with so many choices these days you will have to problem finding somethings that will accent your kitchen. One of the down falls of the patterned tiles is that they may not hold the test of time. You may find yourself changing it if you decide to remodel or change the style in the kitchen.


Colorful tiles – Just like patterned tiles these are new trend. No more boring white or neutral tiles. Colorful tiles can let you put your own personality in the kitchen. Maybe use your favorite color as backsplash or put a bright blue to brighten up the kitchen, just have fun with it. The only draw back is that just like patterned tiles this will mostly likely have to be changed if you remodel or change your kitchen.



Porcelain or ceramic tiles – These two types of tiles are the most commonly used in the kitchen. They are mainly used because of they are durable, waterproof, stain resistant and good for high traffic areas. Porcelain tiles come in glazed or unglazed. If you have kids or are worried about slipping or falling I would go with unglazed, just make sure that they are certified to be slip resistant. The other good thing about porcelain tiles are that they come in many styles and designs. Other the maybe having to do a yearly sealing on the grout, they are very low maintenance.


Hardwood – Harwood can be on the higher end for cost but a lot of homeowners believe it is worth the cost. Hardwood is durable, looks good and is timeless. Hardwood is not as waterproof as tiles but as long as you clean up quickly there should be not real damage to the hardwood.


Vinyl – If you look the look of hardwood but don’t want to pay the high cost of hardwood vinyl in a great choice. Vinyl is also the best choice when it come to waterproof flooring for the kitchen. Vinyl is easy to install and is very low maintenance. And with all the choices of color, style and design you should have no problem finding the right one for you.


So before you start remodeling your kitchen I hope you take a few minutes and think about how you want your dream kitchen to look. Hopefully these tips will help you design the kitchen of your dreams! And don’t forget to have fun with it!