In 2020 more people were forced to work from home due to the pandemic. Are you still trying to make the perfect home office in your home? Here are the top three things to consider when designing your perfect home office. Location of course is the #1 thing to figure out. You need to make sure you have privacy but also have enough room in the space. Next is lighting, make sure your space has plenty of lighting. And of course you will need to make sure your space is functional. Here are some ideas on how to help you with these three things.


Location: Finding the right space in your home for an office can be difficult. You need to make sure the space has privacy if you don’t leave alone and enough room to hold you and all your work essentials. Here are just a few ideas that might work for you.

Not everyone has an extra room in their house to convert into a home office, so sometimes you need to get creative. One place to consider is the dining room table. This option is ideal if you also have a table in the kitchen so you are able to eat through out the day. You also won’t have to clean up your work every night when your done with work. One of the down falls of using the dining room table is that you don’t have a door for privacy. This may not be for you if you have children or other things that could distract you.


You could also consider using any wasted space in the house, for example under the stairs or large landings or a hallway. These locates again are not I’ll if you don’t live alone. If that is the case you can look into getting a room divider that may help section off your office space.


If you have an extra bedroom or have space in your bedroom, this is the ideal location for any home. With an extra bedroom you can pretty much design the space to suit your needs. As for using your existing bedroom, you can use a corner of the room that is away from your bed and out of the way when your not working. Both these options should give you plenty of privacy whether you live alone or not.


Lighting: When work in an office outside the home you usually have plenty of lighting, but at home the lighting is not always good to work all day in. It is important to have a lot of lights when work on computers and reading small print all day. Here are just few ideas to help you light up your at home office.

The easiest and most cost-efficient way to light your office is to use desk lamps. They can be found in many styles, colours and designs. Have fun choosing a desk lamp and bring in some of your personality. They are easy to install and very low maintenance.


      Another option is you are able to do it in your house is over-head lighting. This will give much of light then just a desk lamp, but it is also much more permanent than a desk lamp. Over-head lights are a little more difficult to install. In some towns you may have to get a permit and hire an electrician. If the home office is just temporary this may not be the lighting option for you.


Probably the best option, if you are able to do it you your home is utilizing both a desk lamp and over-lighting. This way your can adjust through the day and get the proper light for the task you on working on at the moment.



Functional: The final thing you should consider when designing a home office is the functionality of the office. The three things to consider here are the desk, chair and storage space. Hopefully by finding these three key things you can make the space as functional as your work office.

Finding the right chair can be hard you need to make sure you are comfortable in the chair, but not so comfortable that you start to dose and off and don’t get any work done. You should also make sure the chair supports your back and won’t give you any back problems in the future. Here is also a other way to put a little of your own personality in the office.


Probably the most important thing to have in your office is the desk. The desk should have enough room to accommodate your computer or laptop and all the papers you will need to do your job. Whether you want to make yourself feel like your at the office or make your office more relaxing and stress free, there are many styles and designs to choose from.


The finally thing to consider in designing your home office is storage. You will have to store your own office supplies and other work documents in your office. If you are not able to get a desk with a lot of storage space, you may have to get creative about storage. There are a lot of products out these days that can help your get organized and not take up a lot of space. The best space saver is utilizing your walls. Here are a few examples of making the most in small spaces.


I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you to design the home office of your dreams.